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Saint Oran Speaks is a blog of messages channeled through M. E. Jones from Saint Oran, the Druid of the Hebrides. After a long rest on an ancient island, he has returned with messages from spirit. Thank you for bearing witness to the unfolding . . . NEW content on the way!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Earth. Our Waters.

Hello Friends,

I have found myself pretty troubled lately, still in transition, and craving time to sit with my experiences. There are many messages to come. They still come-- though I have taken a pause from writing, until I feel calm. Steady. I hope that day comes soon. Right now, I am sitting with my memories.

I did make the journey to Iona, I sat in Saint Oran's Chapel. My heart becomes so full with the thought of being there. I sat in silence, with only the howling wind and the rain.

Iona on a clear day, November, 2010.

I look at these pictures, the shores of a fairly isolated beach, green marble pebbles, the water, so very blue. As I walked Iona, felt the sand under my feet, there seemed to be no trace of the blood of the monks spilled there. But, I couldn't staring out across the water, wondering what it must have been like to see Viking ships on the water approaching the shore.

Iona . . . some of the oldest rocks on Earth are here. . .

My mind now flashes to the coastal waters I know very well. Coastal waters now bathed in crude oil. I am still in shock. I see the oil pouring through the gash in Mother's body. I see the oil pour from her like blood. She is in shock. I am also in shock.

This is a hard lesson. When the oil makes it to Florida, where I grew up, near where my father is buried, it will follow the nor'easter wind patterns, if they rise. These are the same, powerful winds that brought the slave ships to us, (or sank them). This is a physical AND a metaphysical disaster, and like my Granny used to say, "Goodbye ain't always gone. . . " We must reconcile the past, as the Vikings and the monks did on Iona. It took 1,000 years, but the water is washed clean of blood. The waters there are restored.

To hear the head of British Petroleum say that, "the environmental damage will be minimal" does not take into account the the past, the future, or anything else. We're ALL in it now-- and we're going to learn from this, hold ourselves accountable, because we all have something to do with this hunger for oil. An extreme learning curve up ahead.

I need courage. Courage to continue . . .

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