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Saint Oran Speaks is a blog of messages channeled through M. E. Jones from Saint Oran, the Druid of the Hebrides. After a long rest on an ancient island, he has returned with messages from spirit. Thank you for bearing witness to the unfolding . . . NEW content on the way!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Three Questions (Message #11)

This is Oran, your brother and your kin.

A question arises:
Why these messages now?
Why through this person?
Is this real?

3 questions.

Why these messages now?

1. I have rested long enough. The Isles are changing. Sacred sites are being seen as useless by some of my own "Irish" family. This must not be. There are sacred places on earth that effect the electromagnetic frequencies of earth; positive, balancing frequencies. This is causing many sudden changes to occur.

2. Why this medium? This person?

We are all the same, truly, on an energetic level. We are all one. What we appear to be, on the surface, the skin, is a choice we've made before returning to earth. A choice to allow various experiences we wish to have. But, we are a collection of all we have ever been. I see this medium as someone I knew long ago, who now lives in a different time, country and physical form.

3. Is this real?
Is this real. There is only one mind. The energy of all life is recycled from other life. You live upon layer upon layer of ideas, thought, memory, events-- mind effects matter. Am I real? I have lived. I lived on the Isle of Iona. I was a Druid who combined love of earth with God-- because I drew no lines between these concepts. I sacrificed myself to bridge the gap for others, whose vision was not as strong as mine. I believe in transformation. I exist, somewhere. I am present. I have life. The human experience is short compared to all the many experiences possible as a being. Yes this is real. I am real.

I am intrigued by these questions.

Thank you.

Go now.


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