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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I prefer to screen my calls

I just found an interesting web blog called, The Paranormal Pastor. This almost seems like an oxymoron-- but I'm intrigued by this blogger's background-- he's studied theology-- he's an ordained minister. Now, my angle is pretty different, you know-- leaning more toward the Celtic, Druid, spirit, non-denominational, parapsychology etc. But at any rate, I have been thinking about ghosts and such-- just like the Paranormal Pastor.

I've been cruising "ghost hunter" sites-- just out of curiosity. That phrase, "ghost hunter" is almost as well-worn as "kleenex." There's even a ghost hunter "profile"-- there's a look, a style, websites full of green demons and ghosts made from flash.

The Pastor's recent post got me thinking about how I conduct myself as I move between the spirit and the human worlds. What I do to protect myself out there. I'm sharing that post to the Pastor, here.

I have been intrigued by the number of "ghost hunters" out there- -and there are HEAPS of people getting into this as a business, but very few places to study parapsychology.

I'm actually a bit shocked at the lack of spiritual preparation taken before attempting to confront a true beasty. At least Dean and Sam from the show Supernatural bring a mojo bag, their Winchester Colt when they have it, but most importantly, some SALT!

Though I'm not too-too interested in demons and exorcisms, I believe that just about anything is possible. A healthy mix of caution, curiosity and calm can help narrow things down. Jumping to conclusions might not be the best response-- reason, and some process of elimination is the way to go-- but that's not to say I am a skeptic.

I KNOW energy exists is many many forms, and I don't take chances with unknown entities.

I am an automatic writer-- have been since I was a teen. I would say that my spiritual practice has a strong Christian foundation (though people with traditional Christian beliefs might think otherwise). I ALWAYS begin a session by asking the question, "Do you believe that Jesus Christ walked upon the earth and died so that we may have everlasting life?" I expect the answer to be phrased in the same way, sealed with an "Amen." Words have GREAT power.

Anyone, ghost "buster" or otherwise, messing with a spirit of any kind, might want to come up with some kind of cypher or phrase or some kind of hoop the responder has to leap through to make that connection. I think it establishes some kind of "bottom line." Maybe not a "neutral" space I suppose, but at least the human in this equation is not just a "lamb to the ectoplasm slaughter."

Connecting to the unknown can be like having a party-line on your phone-- anyone can call you! I prefer to have an "unlisted number." I prefer to screen my calls. . .

If the responder pauses too long, or if the practitioner gets a response like, "Let me talk to my Lawyer," or "Can you repeat the question," they should seriously high-tail it out of that experience. I'm being a little cheeky here-- but I'm pretty serious about this. There's more unknown than known in this Universe-- why not-- proceed with curiosity and caution? Works for Doctor Who.

Again, thanks for the post. Your POV is very interesting. I'll be back and I'd like to add you to my links!

Have a great week!
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