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Saint Oran Speaks is a blog of messages channeled through M. E. Jones from Saint Oran, the Druid of the Hebrides. After a long rest on an ancient island, he has returned with messages from spirit. Thank you for bearing witness to the unfolding . . . NEW content on the way!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Food for Thought (message #17)

This is Oran your brother and your kin.

Make new steps toward the life you imagine. The reality begins to reflect one's belief. Instantly, with a thought. The Universe is fast-moving. Your lesson is to integrate your mind with the world around you, to open up to the invisible. To trust the unseen. As you do this more will be revealed to you! Your belief creates the vision. Your trust makes possible the new sight. The works of science fiction may come to bear fruit. Your studies in Quantum Mechanics is expanding the belief. The trust in multiple universes and worlds. I can tell you, my family, there is more life in the universe than you can imagine. And you are already a human of the future.

Soon discoveries in the full use of the brain will expand the field of thought. What one can do with more access to your own brain, your mental strength expanded, consciousness will be astounding. Begin now, for yourselves.

Heal the Past.
Watch your thoughts, for they create solid materials.
And expand your own connection to Spirit though calming the body, calming the thoughts, easing the human self, so the new being within can begin to emerge.

Do these things.


Go now.
Your Brother, Oran
Druid Monk of the Hebrides.


Liara Covert said...

Orin offers food for thought. I recently found a book by Sanaya Riman who channels another spriti called Orin. That book is all about awakening your heart centres. Its called 'Soul Love' (Book #1- in the Soul Life series)

Saint Oran Speaks said...

I have heard of Sanaya. . . I have read "Living with Joy" and a few others. Thanks for reminding me of her work!