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Saint Oran Speaks is a blog of messages channeled through M. E. Jones from Saint Oran, the Druid of the Hebrides. After a long rest on an ancient island, he has returned with messages from spirit. Thank you for bearing witness to the unfolding . . . NEW content on the way!

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Store House of Spirit (message #1)

january 10, 2008

Enate. . .
Pluribis Unum. . .

You who are reading this, I welcome you. I am Oran. You and I are one. We are of one
family. . .

Now is the time to release any past patterns of self-abuse. Now is the time to forgive. It is no secret. The Earth and its magnetic forces are tightening. . . quickening. . . Everything is speeding up. The platform on which you rest your dreams and your fears is producing your requests in equal measure and instantly. As soon as you rest the thought on this plasma, porous, angelic platform, your "order" is being filled from the great store house of events. Therefore you must, and diligently, put to rest on this platform only what you wish to see manifest in your life and your world.

This is a world of your own making. You are here to create the world of material using an inexhaustible resource-- the platform of spirit.

Why am I writing to you? I am here to say that death is not what you think. There is truly only life. Life and transformation. When you leave this Earth, the atoms return to the forests and rivers. To the stars and the angelic levels of divine existence. Back to base metal and air.
And all of the thoughts, words, tonality, return to the great store house of spirit.

When you hear the voice of a loved one, return to your hearing-- to voice inside your head, it comes to you, amplified from this collection of sound and life. The store house of spirit. The angelic realms. Yes. All of them. There are many levels, as Brother William Blake and Brother Dante have explained to us. We are the elements. You are everything. Now go. Rest. And absorb the message.


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